From the recording The Burden on Me


Change of thought, an eclipsed heart
You cleaned your hands
I saw your moonlight
Save its origin
And I rode around the bright light
Above your head
Yet my youthful years commandeered
A mind misled

The months a fly and here I lie
My back to the brace
Freeze my goals, preserve my mold
As I leave this place
And through clouded dreams and foggy eyes
She takes my hand
What she showed me still remains as
The fall of man

It's on me...

Scared to death and out of breath
I need to be
Back at home to the norm
So rescue me
Well now here I am back on the ground
But hovering
Overhead what remains is
The burden on me

Too much pain to feel in just one night
Too much hurt, I turned to her advice
I don't know how I survived
But the burden is on me for the rest of my life
The rest of my life