From the recording The Burden on Me


Crawl through my bones
Factories turn blood to stone
Build a tomb to hide
Years' worth of misery inside

Hey wait...
This isn't right
Can this be the truth?
Or is it just my mind?

Lay hand on heart
Knees crack when the body drops

Hey wait...
This can't be true
For if it's not my brain
Then suffer in all we do

Haven't seen the sun in a week
Nothing good, so why even wake?
Out of bed and work all day
Nothing good, just go back to sleep
Night's here so come out and play
Ease my pain any ole way
Night sky mirrors a world away

We've shared this fray
Brother's heal lends to rapid rate

Hey wait...
I guess this is our fate
But if you dare to see
Then you will find the truth

Haven't see the sun in a year
Getting cold, I don't even care
Seems to me I got no fear
Getting cold, so why should I care?
Haven't see the sun in...who knows?
Leaves are falling and I'm growing cold
I'm cold...