From the recording The Burden on Me


Got to channel this feeling inside me
Transforming nature, anger arises
Pitiful creature saw me broken down
Pitiful creature stole my soul

I felt the dreary fumes suffocate me
Sailing on my fiery vessel, now I see
You used your vanity to tear me down
Now take a ride on my thunderstorm cloud

Now that it's done misting on my mind
Heard an explosion, thunder that breaks the line
Must now close my eyes to the world outside
Windows to myself would wound your soul

Now you feel my pain inside
Now you see my pain decline
Now you see my anger arise
Now you feel my hate inside

If you take my pain and the hate inside my mind
Up to a thunderstorm sky and let it all rain down
Down on us evenly, for all of life to see
Would people scream and weep?
Would they all pity me?