Fly Me Courageous


STONE is back with a metal cover of Drivin' N' Cryin's 1991 classic, "Fly Me Courageous". 

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The Verdict Is In

All of these songs reach some incredibly addictive heights.”

Rebecca Cullen, Stereo Stickman

[STONE] is hot, hard, and meaningful! The lyrics are deep, introspective, and important.”

— tunecore Fan Review

[The Burden on Me] is a record that feels modern and punchy, yet it has a lot of connection to the sound of the golden age of this genre.”

Andrea Caccese,

It is tough to find a reason not to rate these songs a ten!”

— tunecore Fan Review

[STONE] makes me nostalgic for early Alice in Chains. I could listen to this all day, just awesome.”

— tunecore Fan Review

The guitar[ist] is unique and impressive. I found myself audibly cheering as he played the riffs.”

— tunecore Fan Review

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